1 - Control engineering


The field of control engineering and circuitry technology is a comparable new subject in our company and its implementation is subjected to the increased demands on electrical equipment of customers in general.

The power transmission and distribution network became a ready market for smart grid devices and electrical installations without any intelligent function such as self monitoring are going to be phased out accordingly. Nowadays even distribution networks at the lowest level ask for automated systems with remote operation and real time informations.

We are dedicated to engineering only but we cooperate with experienced manufacturers to produce for us feeder pillars, control panels or other related components.

  • Compendium of services:

  • Control circuits
  • Integration of instrument transformers
  • Position indication
  • Internal and external interlocks
  • Alarm circuits
  • Load shedding
  • Remote control
  • Programming of switchbay control units
  • Feeder pillars
  • Control panels
  • Communication to SCADA via fieldbus
    (copper or fibre optic cable)

2 - Design and engineering


Our design and engineering services include:

  • Distribution and Power transformers
  • Oil immersed
  • Cast resin
  • Dry-type

  • Auto transformers

  • Reactors
  • Harmonic filter
  • Motor starter
  • Current limiting

  • Special purpose transfomers
  • Traction
  • Earthing
  • Furnace
  • Converter

  • Switchgear
  • Disconnector switches
  • High duty isolators
  • Earthing switches
  • Contactors
  • Auto Recloser
  • SF6 and Vacuum circuit-breakers
  • High Speed DC Circuit Breakers

  • Switchboards
  • Air insulated
  • Gas insulated

  • Substations
  • Mobile
  • Container
  • Transformer

  • Var compensation equipment

  • Battery systems and emergency power supplies

  • Test and measuring equipment
  • Automatic protection test sets
  • Battery test sets
  • Capacitive voltage detecting systems according IEC 61243-5

  • Cast resin components
  • Support insulators
  • Bushings
  • Customer designed parts

3 - Technical documentation


The sucessful marketing and sales of technical investment goods calls for numerous and dedicated informative literature. Moreover the manufacturers of these complex goods are obliged to submit a technical documentation in the relevant language according the law of product liability.

Our engineering office compiles order related documentation and general technical literature in particular for electrical installations.

We are a professionally experienced provider for the content management as well as the linguistical composition of technical literature.

  • Compendium of our services:

  • Documentation and revision of electrial installations
  • Installation guides
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Spare part lists
  • Hand books / Brochures
  • Instruction manuals
  • Price lists
  • Documentation for transfer of knowhow
  • Reference lists

4 - Retrofit


The average lifetime of switchgear and controlgear is said to be around 30 years. In most of the cases, such old installations are in a mechanically good state. However, concerning the control equipment or installed apparatus, they are no longer uptodate as well as spare parts are difficult to get.

The revamping of this equipment might be a cost-effective alternative solution compared to the investment of replacing a complete switchboard.

In particular for low and medium voltage switchgear we have available a comprehensive network which enables us to serve multitude models of various manufacturers.

We revamp the existing installation with control equipment and apparatus of the latest generation, irrespective of the technology used before.

  • Compendium of our activities:

  • Profitability analysis of existing equipment
  • Evaluation of Life Cycle Costs
  • Limited lot production
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Substitution of old switchgear
  • Replacement of trucks with roll on
    floor operation
  • Extension of existing switchboards

5 - Consulting


Our company provides business as well as technical consulting of electrical products and installations.
ln this regard we consider us as an independent partner of customers and our professional experience may help them to make the right decisions in consideration of their definition of a project.

Furthermore the focus on a international network enables us to connect respectable engineering practice with customers all over the world.

For instance we take over responsibility from medium-sized companies and do marketing for them in dedicated export areas.

We have proved oneself with solutions for technical problems of existing installations in electrical power substations, steel plants and other industrial segments.

  • Compendium of our activities:

  • Consolidated order handling
  • Acceptance and type tests
  • Baseline studies and analysis
  • lnitiation of international business contacts
  • Acquisition of customers
  • Launching of products
  • Transfer of technology / Licenses
  • Evaluation of product related life cycle costs
  • Training / Workshops